Office Based Opioid Treatment (OBOT)

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Medication Assisted Treatment (MAT)

RHS provides Medication Assisted Treatment/Office Based Opioid Treatment (referred to as MAT) to patients diagnosed with a substance use disorder (SUD) and willing to fulfill RHS MAT treatment requirements. Medication-Assisted Treatment (MAT) is the use of medications, in combination with counseling and behavioral therapies, to provide a “whole-patient” approach to the treatment of substance use disorders. RHS MAT treatment requirements include a MAT treatment agreement detailing frequency, type, and/or location of OBOT appointments, SUD treatment, drug screens, and case management services determined by the MAT treatment team and patient to assist individuals in establishing or maintaining sobriety and long-term recovery.


  • Medication Management
  • Substance Use, Mental Health, & Addiction Treatment
    • Trauma Informed Therapy (Individual & Group)
    • Education Groups
    • Peer & Recovery Coaching
    • Case Management
    • Neurofeedback

Our Multidisciplinary MAT Team

  • Licensed Therapists
  • Master’s Level Clinicians
  • Medical Support Staff
  • Marriage & Family Therapists
  • Trained Trauma Specialists
  • Peer & Recovery Coaches
  • Case Manager
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What is MAT

MAT is an outpatient treatment that combines medication and therapy. Different medications can be prescribed to reduce cravings, while blocking the effects of other opioids. Therapy can help people work on behaviors and emotions that could possibly be linked to their addiction. People may also identify things that trigger them to want to use opioids, like pain or stress, and learn to manage these things in a healthy way.

Who is MAT For

Patients who are actively dependent on heroin or opiates/opioids or other substances and who are willing to comply with all requirements for MAT treatment at RHS.

Treatment Cost

RHS Family Medical accepts most insurances. We can typically direct bill your insurance plan. Most Medicaid plans do not have a co-pay. If your plan requires a co-pay, deductible, or co-insurance, we must collect the full amount at each visit.

For more information about accepted insurances please visit out Rates & Insurance page.

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