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Financial Advocates of Southeast Idaho

FASI is a non-profit organizational representative payee group established in 1999.

We provide payee services to recipients of Social Security benefits who are physically and/or mentally unable to manage their funds, or those who have been court ordered to have another party manage their funds. FASI coordinates with Case Managers, shelter home operators, parents/guardians, and family members to help manage recipients’ finances successfully. FASI is open to RHS clients as well as the entire community.

FASI makes account management easy! We set up fiduciary bank accounts for every client individually. We do NOT hold a beneficiary’s funds in a collective account.  This allows us to manage day-to-day needs and conduct comprehensive reports easily and accurately.

financial advacates of southeastern idaho

FASI Location:
1675 Curlew Dr.
Ammon, ID 83406

Hours of Operation:
Monday – Thursday
9:00 AM – 2:00 PM

Check Days:
9:30 AM – 2:30 PM

Mailing Address:
PO Box 54
Iona, ID 83427


Call today to start the application process, or download and bring in the form below.

Meet Our Staff

toni hunt

Toni Hunt

Director/Lead Rep Payee

faith bingham

Faith Bingham

Representative Payee

Taiya Franco Reams

Taiya Franco

Representative Payee