History of RHS


Rehabilitative Health Services (RHS) was established in August 1998 by, Tony Bell LSW, DeVere Hunt MS,  and Bruce Hampton LSW. RHS operates with an Executive Team which consists of the current four owners, DeVere T. Hunt (CEO) MS; Heather Moore (VP Clinical Operations) BSN – RN; Blake Bingham (VP CB Operations) CPRP; and Brett Hampton (VP Therapeutic Operations) LCSW.


1998: RHS Established

  • Community Based (CBRS) services for adults established
  • Behavioral Health Clinic Services established
  • Financial Advocates of South East Idaho (Formally FSI) established
  • Psychiatric Clinic Services established. RH Services, Medication Management, in clinic lab, PA services. Supervised by Dr. Kan Kishiyama MD, Psychiatrist.

1999: Psycho Therapy Counseling established. Individual, group, family counseling, parenting classes, and duel diagnosis.

  • First Private ACT Team Services in Idaho established
  • Case Management Services established
  • Contracts with District 93 for in school psychiatric services established.

2002: First Annual Mental Health Symposium, which has occurred annually for 20 years

2003: Sahara House established– Women’s Transitional Living Home. Provided crisis housing, short term and long term transitional living.

2004: Woodruff House established – Men’s Transitional Living Home. Provided crisis housing, short term and long term transitional living.

2008: Children’s Psycho-Social Rehabilitation Program (Currently CBRS Services) established

2009: National Alliance of Mental Illness presence. NAMI offered RHS a board seat to provide support for our local chapter. Currently our Quality Assurance Officer, Lauri Hayes, sits on this Board of Directors.

2012: Family Medical Clinic (Primary Care Services) established. Physicals, wellness checkups, and blood draws for lab. Supervised by Dr. Joe Anderson, MD, EIRMC ED Provider

2014: Peer & Family Support Services established

  • Substance Abuse and Addictions Treatment established
  • GAIN Assessment Administration and Group/Individual Counseling established
  • Trauma Informed Care Treatment Conference with BHC
  • Contracted to manage Behavioral Health Crisis Center of East Idaho

2016: Family Support Services established

2017: Contracted with Genoa to place in house pharmacy. This is the first Behavioral Health Provider in Southeast Idaho to partner with an in house pharmacy.

2018: Center for Hope Contract initiated

  • DeVere Hunt present to the JFAC committee
  • RHS presented to Ross Edmunds of DHW

2019: Contracted to manage Southeast Idaho Behavioral Crisis Center

2020: Psychological testing established

  • Formed partnerships with DHW and IDOC to provide services through grant funding.
  • Recovery coaching warm hand off services established.

2021: Addiction Trauma and Recovery group and individual therapy established

2023: 25 years in business

  • 20th Annual Mental Health Symposium
listed below are our past and present community commitments

Current Staffing and Administration provider for

The Behavioral Health Crisis Center of East Idaho (BHCC)

RHS is the current vendor for all services at the BHCC and has functioned in this capacity since Dec 2014. In November of 2016, RHS signed a Sole Source Contract with Bonneville County to continue to provide all behavioral health and medical services at the BHCC. In March 2017, RHS signed an addendum to add the Crisis Center Administrative Director position. RHS signed the current contract for services Nov 2017, we continue to provide all services, and have been the BHCC vendor for all staffing since its inception, and day to day operations since Mar 2017.

Current Staffing and Administration Contractor for

The South East Idaho Behavioral Crisis Center (SEIBCC), located in Pocatello Idaho

RHS was successful in bidding for the RFP for Region 6 Crisis Center SEIBCC. We were awarded the contract by Bannock County in Dec 2018 and successfully opened the Region 6 Crisis Center on April 15, 2019. We coordinated with Portneuf Health Trust for facilities and Bannock County for services. We provide all staffing for the facility, including administration, medical, behavioral health and security as well as all day to day operations for the Center. 


Verbal presentation to JFAC July 2018

As recently as July of 2018, DeVere Hunt presented to the JFAC committee in Pocatello at their traveling work session at the Pocatello Public Health Building on the importance of funding Crisis Centers across the state and to reevaluate the proposed 50% sustainability of Crisis Centers. During the 2019 Legislative session the discussion of creating a daily bill rate was presented and this is the current plan by DBH to help all centers to reach 50% sustainability. It is unknown at this time what impact creating a Medicaid and Private Insurance based day rate will do in helping all Centers to reach sustainability expectations. 

Face to Face meetings with Ross Edmunds, Department of Health and Welfare

In February of 2018, RHS also presented to Ross Edmunds, Director of Department of Behavioral Health on the importance of each region in the state to be awarded a Crisis Center contract to meet the needs of the citizens of Idaho with behavioral health challenges and limitations. 

RHS Volunteered work with Region 6 Committee to bring a Crisis Center to their Region

RHS has volunteered our time to the community of Region 6. Providing all information and education to any and all agencies public and private, about what a Crisis Center is, how it can impact a community, the benefits to the citizens of Region 6, as well as attending public educational meetings in hopes of establishing a Crisis Center to Region 6. RHS has done this due to our belief of the importance of Crisis Centers being available to as many citizens of Idaho’s behavioral health community as possible.

Facility Consultation with Portneuf Health Trust

RHS provided consultation to Portneuf Health Trust to assist them in facility development for what the needs are for a building to support a Crisis Center in Region 6. This included architectural design and clinical design and flow for the Crisis Center.

RHS Consultation for Region 3 and Region 5 crisis implementation

RHS has also volunteered their time to Region 3 Crisis Center team members over the past eight months in assisting them in understanding the needs of their community and how a Crisis Center should be implemented in their community. RHS also provided consultation to Region 5 Crisis Center prior to the opening of their regional Crisis Center, and continues to coordinate with Lifeways©  vendor awarded the contract for the Region 3 Crisis Center, which opened on April 21, 2019. 

Ongoing consultation for State of Idaho Crisis Centers

We currently, through our position of being the original pilot contracting agency for Crisis Centers in the state of Idaho, as well as with our role in providing contracting services to two of seven state of Idaho Crisis Centers; provide experiential education to any and all Crisis Centers across the state in an attempt to create a level of consistency in data gathering and reporting.  To ensure that data gathered can be meaningful when reported to the JFAC committee and all other bodies of government during the legislative session.

Legislative Expertise

In 2013 and 2014, RHS worked with Representative and Senators Jeff Thompson, Janet Trujillo and Dean Mortimer in advocating for the Crisis Center to be awarded in Idaho Falls over other regions in the state. Other areas of experiential expertise, we have been members of the Mental Health Providers Association of Idaho for the past 18 years. This statewide association advocates for mental health services in the state of Idaho. DeVere T Hunt served as the Elected Mental Health Director of the IACP as well as the Legislative Committee Chair for this association. He and others at RHS have testified to legislatures on multiple occasions, primarily to the Health and Welfare Committees and the JFAC Committee. We recognize the significance of legislation and how services are provided through authorization and recommendations through the Department of Health and Welfare, our Legislatures and ultimately the Governor of Idaho.  RHS worked with legislators and specifically traveled to Boise to represent and testify to JFAC during the budget hearing, prior to the legislative vote on the community Crisis Center budget for 2014. We also hosted multiple legislators in our office advocating for them to vote in favor of the Crisis Centers back in early 2014. 

Region 7 Crisis Center Task Force

RHS was very active in working on the Crisis Center Task Force in bringing the Crisis Center to region 7. This working knowledge of the goals and plans for the BHCC in Region 7 was very beneficial in us partnering with the County to establish the BHCC. We also assisted in writing sections of the RFP for the BHCC. RHS recognizes the need for a Crisis Center, not only in Region 7 but also in all other regions throughout the state. We have, on numerous occasions, represented the BHCC as the staffing contractor in our communities from Driggs to Pocatello.  We are advocates for behavioral health services, particularly in regards to the need to have Crisis Centers in every region of the state.

Financial Advocates of Southeast Idaho (FASI) 501(c)3

We have an association with this nonprofit entity, primary services provided are Representative Payee Service for clients receiving Social Security Benefits. RHS donates funds in the form of scholarships for FASI clients’ payee services, who are in financial need and who meet eligibility requirements. They serve over 200 recipients throughout Southeast Idaho. Est. 1998. FASI also partners with RHS for the annual RHS Hustle for Mental Health fundraiser for non-profit organizations.