Peer, Family, & Youth Support

A Guide Who Has Already Walked The Path

Peer Support Specialist

Certified Peer Support Specialists (CPSS) have experienced a mental illness and recovery and are well positioned to support others who are seeking recovery. Peers offer hope and encouragement by sharing their experiences and knowledge. They create opportunities for individuals to live satisfying and meaningful lives. These specialists will encourage, motivate, and support goals for recovery.

In many cases Peer Support Specialists work hand in hand with CBRS and Case Management services.

Mental health clients who have become stable can become certified as a Peer Support Specialist themselves.

Current mental health clients can receive services from these specialists from RHS for two hours a week.

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Charting A Stormy Sea

Family Support Specialist

A family with a child experiencing emotional, behavioral and or mental health challenges can be like navigating a ship through a stormy sea. A Family Support Specialist is someone who has first hand experience in the complex tasks of collaborating with schools, physicians, therapists and community resources. Having “lived the experience” and received specialized training these unique specialists are poised to show you the ropes and help make the journey easier.

Family and Peer Support in Idaho Falls

Family and peer support (FPS) is a system that includes trained professionals, paraprofessionals, and volunteers who work together with families to address the challenges faced by children and youth with special healthcare needs and their families. FPS providers use a strengths-based, family-centered approach to build on the strengths and resilience of families.

They provide information, emotional support, and practical assistance to families to help them navigate the healthcare system, access services, and resources, make informed decisions about their child’s care, and advocate for their child’s best interests.

At Rehabilitative Health Services, our FPS programs are designed to complement and supplement the care provided by healthcare professionals. Our FPS providers in Idaho Falls work collaboratively with families and other members of the care team to optimize the health and well-being of children with chronic health conditions and their families.

Who are Family & Peer Support Specialists?

Our FPS specialists are trained to provide support, information, and resources to families of children with behavioral health needs. They also work with the children themselves to provide individualized support. In some cases, they may also provide education and training to professionals who work with children with behavioral health needs.

The ultimate goal of our FPS specialists is to help families overcome the challenges of raising a child with behavioral health needs and to promote positive outcomes for the child.

What Do They Do?

The FPS specialists work with the individuals themselves to help them recover and maintain their mental health. They provide a wide range of services, including crisis intervention, counseling, case management, and resource referral. Our specialists also work to educate families about mental illness and connect them with community resources. Additionally, they advocate for access to mental health services and support systems.

Who Is It For?

These services are available to anyone who is struggling with addiction or mental health issues. They can provide invaluable support and guidance for those who are working to overcome these challenges. Our FPS services can help individuals to connect with resources and support systems, develop healthy coping mechanisms, and build positive relationships.

These services can also provide vital support for family members and friends who are struggling to cope with a loved one’s addiction or mental health issues. If you or someone you know is struggling with addiction or mental health issues, consider reaching out to us.

What are the benefits?

FPS services provide a wide range of benefits to both individuals and families.

● For individuals, these services can provide much-needed support and assistance in times of crisis. They can also help to build social and emotional skills, and provide guidance in dealing with difficult life transitions.
● For families, family and peer support services can offer respite care, help with parenting skills, and support in managing stress and anxiety. In addition, these services can help to strengthen family bonds and improve communication.

Rehabilitative Health Services provides FPS services in Idaho Falls that aim to improve the quality of life for all individuals affected by mental illness. If you or someone you know could benefit from our services, please don’t hesitate to reach out at (208) 523-5319. We would be happy to provide a free consultation and discuss how we can help you or your loved one get on the path to recovery.