Cristy Walstad, LSW

ESMI Team Lead

Christy attended Montana State University and Idaho State University, graduating with her Bachelor’s in Arts & Sciences in Social Work in 1999. Early in her career she worked as a roving social worker for the Idaho Department of Health & Welfare in Child Protective services in Pocatello, Mountain Home, and McCall. She transferred to the public sector in Pocatello as a case manager, PSR worker, Targeted Service Coordinator, and partial care supervisor.  Christy continued her career in Idaho Falls, ID as a partial care supervisor, PSR worker, and case manager for many years with several companies.

Christy has experience working with the handi-capable population with co-occurring mental health diagnoses, including adults and children.  She has been very resilient working in this field due to having a family member who was diagnosed with a mental illness.  This has given her the motivation to keep going with her career versus burning out and changing career paths.  She is especially motivated for younger populations due to feeling like there is a better chance of assisting someone with their ability to change their behavior/thinking patterns to last throughout their lifetime. 

Christy began her career with RHS from May 2002 through May 2007 as a member of the ACT Team supervised by Bruce Lines. She then transferred agencies and returned to RHS on July 1, 2022 to become the ESMI STAR Team Lead. As ESMI STAR Team Lead, she works with a population of people ages 15-30 who are suffering their first mental health break, including a form of psychosis. Christy does all of the outreach/recruiting for the ESMI STAR program, perform intakes, and track referrals and important data to enable reporting the success of the program. She is building relationships with a variety of community partners in the local area including NAMI of Upper Valley, Community Suicide Prevention Committee, and Behavioral Health Center Coordinators.  She also participates in intakes for the whole company of RHS and enjoys being involved on the RHS/BEST Marketing Team.