Zachery Hunt

Marketing Manager

Although a native Idahoan, it took moving around the country for nearly a decade before Zack really discovered his love for the East Idaho community. After earning his BS degrees at Utah State University in both Business Marketing & Human Movement Science, Zack moved back to his hometown of Idaho Falls. There he began working in the school district he grew up in; supporting children in Special Education to develop behavioral regulation skills. Inspired by this work– and coupled with the years he spent working alongside adults with learning disabilities at North Eastern Services in Utah– Zack developed a deep passion for the field of mental health. It was this fervor for helping others with their mental wellness that eventually brought Zack to work as a case manager at Rise Up: Teen & Child Crisis Center of East Idaho. Shortly after starting his work as a CM, Zack also began working as the Marketing Lead for both Rise Up and Rehabilitative Health Services . According to Zack, “the opportunity to support the kids of our region through their crises, as well as getting to network with other providers & local businesses in our community, is a dream-job come true; I love what I do!”