Taiya Reams

Social Media / Website Maintenance


Taiya Reams started with RHS in 2017. She began as a part time billing assistant and social media helper. She was then brought onto the Hustle for Mental Health 5K Fun Run / Mental Health Symposium Team at RHS. Taiya enjoys working with this team as they have taught her a lot about our local community and how mental affects all our lives. In the recent years, Taiya has changed careers and now works as a rep. payee for FASI, a non-profit organization who helps many of RHS’s clientele. She continues stay on with RHS as a social media helper, website management, and part of the 5K/Symposium Team.

Taiya grew up in Aberdeen/American Falls, ID and graduated from ISU with a Bachelor’s degree in Creative Writing. In her free time, Taiya enjoys spending time with her husband, stepson, her many dogs, and even her chickens. 

Taiya Franco Reams