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Medication Management

RHS Behavioral Health Clinic is committed to providing compassionate, patient-centered, high quality care that is available to patients from children through adults. Our providers use an integrated, holistic, and evidenced based approach to our patients. Through medication management they are able to monitor and adjust the use of medications for the treatment of mental health disorders. 

As part of a comprehensive behavioral health facility, we work closely with Therapists, Drug and Alcohol, CBRS, Case Management, and Peer/Family Support to provide excellent quality care to all of our clients. In addition, we coordinate care with our integrated RHS Family Medical providers.

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What Is Medication Management

Medication management involves evaluating a patient’s medication needs, providing prescriptions, and continuous medical monitoring by a qualified physician or prescriber. This includes evaluating the patient, prescribing the recommended medication and dosage,  and monitoring the patient to ensure that the patient achieves the desired outcomes. This requires a comprehensive review, knowledge, and education of prescription drugs and their potential side effects to create treatment plans and monitor the patient’s safety and the medication’s effectiveness.

Why Is Medication Management Important

Medications play a vital role in treating various mental health issues by reducing or even eliminating symptoms that affect a patient. The goal is to significantly improve a patient’s quality of life. Prescribers help to bring about this improved quality of life by educating the patient and monitoring the ongoing effectiveness of the medication. They do this through appointments and communication. It’s important to note that the effectiveness of medications can vary from patient to patient, and mental health professionals take multiple factors into account when creating the patient’s medication management plan, including medical and medication history.

Our Prescribers know that if a patient understands the reasons for taking specific medications in certain ways can empower them to take an active role in managing their medications and overall mental health. 

What Can Medications Help With

Medication can be an effective part of the treatment of many mental health illnesses such as:

Onsite Pharmacy

Genoa Pharmacy

RHS has an onsite pharmacy to make medication management more convenient and patient-centered. Genoa has a great staff that works with our patients and prescribers to create an effective team.