Family & Peer Support

A Guide Who Has Already Walked The Path

Peer Support Specialist

Mental health clients who have become stable can become certified as a Peer Support Specialist or PSS. A PSS is a person who has lived the experience and is non judgmental.

Current mental health clients can receive services from these specialists for us for two hours a week. These specialists will encourage, motivate and support goals for recovery.

In many cases a Peer Support Specialists work hand in hand with CBRS services.

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Charting A Stormy Sea

Family Support Specialist

A family with a child experiencing emotional, behavioral and or mental health challenges can be like navigating a ship through a stormy sea. A Family Support Specialist is someone who has first hand experience in the complex tasks of collaborating with schools, physicians, therapists and community resources. Having “lived the experience” and received specialized training these unique specialists are poised to show you the ropes and help make the journey easier.