Behavioral Health & Medical Clinic Staff

Mariah Rapkoch, MA

I started at RHS after graduating from Eagle Gate College and completing a month-long externship with them. During my externship I realized how much I enjoyed my time here with my coworkers and the patients I’ve met, and I knew I wanted to stay here. 

After getting a Bachelor’s in Geology, I knew my calling was elsewhere. I was working as a nanny when I found the Medical Assisting program, and thought I’d give it a shot. I immediately fell in love with the work, so being able to combine my clinical skills with my interest in the mental health field, this job was the perfect fit.

My main priority here is making sure patients feel comfortable enough to open up and let us get to know them. I thoroughly enjoy building those relationships and I hope I can provide a welcoming place for them to seek help.

Mariah Rapkoch