Jessica Rutherford

Recovery Coach

My name is Jessica. I have just received my Bachelors in Psychology and an Academic Certificate in Addictions Counseling. I have been a Certified Recovery Coach since 2018, along with being a Certified Peer Support Specialist. I have 12 years in recovery from active addiction and continue to work on my mental health actively. I believe that everyone can achieve recovery and that NO ONE is ever too lost to be found. This thing called life is not always easy, but there is so much joy to be found. I have a firm belief that recovery is personal and not everyone’s recovery looks the same. I am passionate about helping people find what works for them, giving them hope as I walk alongside them through their own journey. I will be applying for my Masters in Social work, so that I can further my knowledge and open up more opportunities to be able to help people. I am blessed to say that I have both street and book smarts. These are some of my most valuable contributions to myself and to others.