ATR Staff

John Koelsch, LCSW

I earned my Bachelor’s of Science in Psychology at the University of Idaho in 1995. I then started working at BHC in Idaho Falls for 2 years as a psych tech with adults and adolescents. I then transferred to Club Inc to being working as a PSR/ Targeted case manager with adult mental health clients. While at Club I was deeply involved with the Adult Drop-in Center activities. After 2 years with Club I found RHS/ Ascensions mental health agency. I started working at RHS in 1999 as a PSR worker with adults and children. I worked my way up to program supervisor and helped expand RHS’s rural communities to reach those towns with little to no treatment opportunities.
In 2009 I started working on my Masters degree in Social work. I was able to graduate in 2013 with a dual master degree in mental health and addictions. I then started an addictions program with RHS for adults that deal with co occurring disorders. This program has continued to grow and eventually join up with an outside agency called Addictions and Trauma Recovery. I am licensed with Idaho as a LCSW mental health provider. 
My strengths with helping clients goes above and beyond. I specialize in severe mental health disorders with acute situational symptoms. My experience with BHC inpatient treatment has taught me how to deal with high stress and high emotions in a quick moment. I am trained in DBT skill development, relapse prevention planning, and co occurring treatment techniques. I am Accelerated Recovery Treatment or ART therapy. I am good with group and individual therapy and have lots of experience with the behavioral health population. Helping people is my passion and helping them change by feeling a little uncomfortable goes a long way in recovery. 
John Koelsch